Up Coming Services

Havoline xpress lube there are more up coming services .

Aircon: This makes it less efficient and also makes your car hotter inside, which is very uncomfortable for you and your passengers, particurlarly on a warm day.
Our air conditioning service will keep your air con system working properly.

Cambelts: Its a belt or chain used to keep your engine in time or sync with itself, basically making sure the camshafts run in precision with one and other to ensure the operation of your engine.

Car Wash

In Karachi, you feel like dusty that makes your car looks dull,but don’t worry we make your like you have purchased it yesterday and you car is perfectly wash.Body Wash with Shampoo. Complete dewaxing through clay treatment to removal all contamination form windows, plastic and rubbers. 2 stage compound and polishing to remove the paint defects. Wax and sealant process for super finish gloss.

Different Car Services